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Newsletter July 2014. Two new cover reveals!

 July has come with a flurry of sporting activity – the World Cup and Wimbledon are both going strong as I write. While I’m a big football fan, I’m only a tennis fan for two weeks in the year—and there has to be strawberries.
But I’m also writing like  a demon. I’ve made some decisions this month that I’m still pondering about. Some have just happened. For instance, after a couple of fallow years, I’ve come over all historical. I couldn’t be happier. With two series starting this year, it seems my stories of Georgian Britain are in demand again.
Not that I’m saying that the old ones have stopped selling, or I don’t get letters about them, because I do. Every month I get letters about Richard and Rose – will there be any more stories? Will I write spinoffs about some of the characters? Freddy? Gervase?
Sadly, the way matters are at the moment, probably not. But for Richard and Rose lovers there are themes I want to continue to explore and characters I want to develop, perhaps take them in a different direction. What was it like to be different in those times? Gay, for instance? Or what if your family is dedicated to a cause you don’t believe in? What if you’re an aristocrat with no money? All different, and all need looking at in their own way, on their own terms. I’m busy working with that in the Emperors of London series, but in the Even Gods Fall In Love series, I’ve taken an even more extreme view. What if the gods are still among us, foisting their gifts on people who might not want them? Things that make them so radically different they don’t feel at home anywhere? Then add an enemy, a fight they’ve engaged in over the centuries, and drag in ordinary people who don’t know what they’ve got themselves into.
I’m thrilled to say that the first Even Gods Fall In Love book, Lightning Strikes, sold well enough to get into several bestseller lists, and so the series is off to a great start. The second book is on its way and the third book is contracted. Here’s your treat for the month – the cover reveal of the second book, “Mad For Love.” We’re on to Bacchus’s story. Blaize, the Marquis of Stretton is finally let loose on the world. Can Bacchus survive his Ariadne? Not only does Blaize have to cope with the fact that if he stops drinking wine, he goes mad, but he falls for the one woman he shouldn’t, the daughter of his worst enemy. That’s coming later this year, in October.
People who wanted to do their own thing resonate with us. There will always be loners, people living on the edge and people who don’t fit for one reason or another. They are my main subjects, I’ve discovered over the years. Maybe it was because I discovered my place, the place where I feel most comfortable, after years of fighting through worlds where I demonstrably didn’t fit. So I can sympathise and write about it in my romances.
Of course, it’s all romance and part of finding a place for me includes finding people who feel the same way, who are looking for something or someone. That’s what I do.
So, on to this month. My paranormals also concern difference and people who are hunting for part of themselves. In “Jewel of the Dragon,” the heroine is part of an insidious organisation that she wants to escape from. Or rather, she is refusing to have anything to do with it, but one of the people she loves most in the world, her brother, is deeply enmeshed in it. Then she finds someone, who by his very nature is different and apart. Dev Wyvern works for a successful auction house, but he’s also a shape-shifting dragon. How’s that for difference? He feels adrift, although he does have connections in Department 57, and works for the paranormal branch of the CIA sometimes. “Jewel of the Dragon” is now out in a new edition, with new cover art. And it’s cheaper! For those of you who already have the Loose-Id version, it’s probably not worth buying it, unless you want to collect the complete set, but if you haven’t caught up with the Department, now’s your chance. I should really do a proper promotion for it, but I’ve never found anything that works as well as putting out a good book and asking people to take a look.

Here you go with the new cover art, blurb and extract.

Dev Wyvern is Welsh, tall, dark and sexy as sin. He’s also a shapeshifter. When he walks into Alix Lancaster’s jewelry shop she knows her brother, Clay, is setting a trap for him. Clay is a member of the PHR, sworn enemies of all Talents. So does Alix betray her brother by warning Dev, or let him walk into a lethal snare?
Dev is drawn to Alix like few other women. But can he trust her? Sent by the enigmatic Cristos, the boss of Department 57, to expose a PHR cell, he finds love and danger waiting for him. He takes both of them on, and has to make a choice; will she forgive him if he destroys the brother of the woman he loves?
Will they get out alive?

She had no more defenses, nothing left in reserve. He took her in his arms, and she couldn’t resist him, but she fought her tears. No point crying. It wouldn’t alter anything.
Still, she found it soothing to rest on his shoulder, softly padded by his terrycloth robe. His arms enclosed her, not with desire, but with mutual comfort. He spoke, his words low, his lips against her hair. “Would you like a T-shirt or something to sleep in?”
She appreciated his kind gesture, but she honestly didn’t care. He’d seen all of her and still wanted her, the only man she could remember who didn’t criticize some part of her body. The knowledge came as easement in itself. She shook her head, clearing her brain of the smothering miasma of sheer exhaustion.
Gently, he undid the belt holding her robe in place. He led her to the bed and threw the covers back before sliding the robe down her shoulders and throwing it aside. He kept his attention on her face, but he slid his arms around her waist and urged her to sit on the bed. She lifted her legs, and he drew the covers over her before walking around to the other side of the bed.
She tried not to look, she really did, but from the first time she’d met him, his butt had attracted her, so when he drew off his own robe, she did sneak a glimpse at him. He looked fine, really fine. And once, he’d wanted her. He slid into bed back first, so she couldn’t tell if he still wanted her.
He rolled over, and propped himself up on one elbow. At least a foot lay between them. Even in her exhausted state, she felt a yearning, wanting to feel him, to touch him. And she knew she could trust him. If she said no, it would mean no, and he would accept it. Trust. Something she had used misguidedly in the past but never again.
“I could put a pillow down the center of the bed if you like.”
She grinned. “That would be a bit silly. Dev, I’m too tired to think for myself. You can do what you want with me, and I won’t complain.”
“You put me on my mettle. I can hardly do anything now you’ve said that, can I?” He smiled, a gentle, understanding smile that encompassed everything she’d suffered. “I’d very much like to hold you, but if you don’t want me to, I won’t take offense.”
“I’d like that too.”
She began the move, sliding closer to him, but he lifted the covers so she could slip into his embrace. His arms folded her close, and she felt their body heat combine into comfortable warmth. No desire.
Relationships were forged on less. Far less.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Newsletter for June, 2014

Cait Miller in the Cafe du Monde

Where do I begin? I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I’ve had such a wonderful month!
I’m sitting in Kathryn Falk’s kitchen, in her wonderful ranch in Texas, and it’s a lovely, sunny day. I’m flying home in a few days’ time after a glorious month, and then it’s back to reality.
I started the month with my good friend Cait Miller, who is from Scotland. I flew out to New Orleans on the 6th May, a gruelling 16 hour flight, but I got there fine, babbling like a budgie from my umpteen cups of coffee in an effort to stay awake so I could get there. I arrived with Megan Bamford and her hubby, having met up with them at the airport and shared their limo. A small car, burdened with 11 pieces of luggage!
One of the street bands of New Orleans

With Captain Lou on our paddle boat tour!
Cait and I explored New Orleans during the next week. It’s an amazing place, one I really want to get back to one day. Very beautiful and unlike any other place I’ve ever been to. The French-not-French atmosphere is intoxicating and the history fascinating. We ate beignets, jambalaya, gumbo and po boys, walked the streets with their masses of shops selling tempting knick knacks and listened to the most competent street bands I’ve ever heard in my life. Although now a tourist trap, New Orleans still retains the atmosphere of edgy fun it’s famous for.
The weekend after my arrival, we moved to the convention hotel, the Marriott on Canal Street. An older hotel, the public spaces were adequate and the rooms comfortable. We went on a memorable visit to the bayou with some other conventioneers, and if you’ve been checking my Facebook account, you’ll know all about that!
The convention was fantastic. Considering it was the largest yet, the organisation was excellent. There were so many people I didn’t have time to hook up with, though I did my best! My first event was the International Reception on the Tuesday, which was a lovely way to start the convention. We had it in the Riverside restaurant on the top floor of the Marriott, the 41st, a beautiful space, with a magnificent view of the Mighty Mississipi. 200 people were attending the convention from overseas and this was a great way to meet them and share travel stories!
Then the convention itself. I did the virgin class with the awesome PJ Schneider and the equally awesome Janda Montenegro from Brazil. Then we went on to the Welcome Party, in which Megan Bamford and I had a spot. Megan had no idea she was going to win the tiara as Bookseller of the Year. What a hoot to see her delighted face!
The Kensington Signing with Desiree Holt
After that I had to go straight to one of my panels, the History Fan Fictionary, where we try to bamboozle the readers by using obscure words from history. My other panel was Vanilla Erotic, which we want to do again, about things that aren’t BDSM.
I’m trying so hard to keep this short! I did write up my experiences in a bit more detail over at The Good, the Bad and The Unread, so if you want more, hop over there! I’ll wait.
Welcome back. RT was a blast, from the Mardi Gras party, held among the real floats that are used during Mardi Gras, to the pub crawl, when I told fortunes in the pub hosted by my new publisher, Kensington, to the very last evening, when I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open.
At the Booksigning
After that, I spent a week with lovely Desiree Holt, mostly planning a project we’re doing together, but also just hanging out and recovering from RT. The weather was amazing, violent thunderstorms and torrential rain. In Texas!
Then I took a short journey to Kathryn Falk’s ranch, a place of beauty and relaxation. It’s a lovely end to a wonderful trip.
Phew! So I’ve had a wonderful month, but after this, don’t expect to hear much from me for a week, as I sleep off the jet lag.
I was thrilled to discover that my new release, Lightning Unbound, reached the Samhain best seller lists! It’s the first in a new series, and one that’s very close to my heart. I absolutely love writing it and I’m thrilled to report that the third in the series has just been accepted.

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Powerful men and the women who love them

Thursday, May 01, 2014

News for May, 2014

Happy May!
Two releases this month, plus RT Booklovers! The releases show why I love writing in different genres, and how it informs what I do.
First I’ll talk about my new release from Samhain, which will be out on May 13th. This new series had a long and tortuous gestation. I wrote the first version years ago, and it nearly came out with another publisher, but was cancelled at the last minute, so I never signed the contract and it wasn’t released. I liked the idea, but I thought the book hadn’t quite worked, so I shelved it. Then I was looking for a new historical project and I picked it up, dusted it off and started again. This time it flowed and I found an editor who absolutely loved the idea, Amy Sherwood at Samhain, who has considerable classical knowledge herself.
So what if the eighteenth century was a battleground for the ancient gods? What if, as well as the public wars, there was a private one? What if the aristocrats, instead of just behaving like gods, were really gods?

Here’s the back cover copy:
What the heart wants, it finds a way to take. 

Even Gods Fall in Love, Book 1
When Gerard Sterling, Earl of Ellesmere, races to Bethlehem Hospital—also known as Bedlam—to rescue a wrongly committed friend, he’s astonished to hear a voice in his head that doesn’t belong to his sister, with whom he shares a mind link.
Fascinated and enchanted by Lady Faith Bradley, inspired by her dedication saving her brother from the horrors of the Incurables ward, he includes them both in his rescue mission. But woo her he cannot—not with a fatal disease that saps more of his strength every day.
Faith would slay dragons to keep her brother safe from her father’s scheme to set his simpleminded heir aside. But it’s Gerard, who feels the hot breath of death down his neck, who wins her heart. 
Then it is revealed that Gerard is none other than the reincarnation of Zeus, and they face a far more dangerous enemy—Kronos, whose plan to regain power includes Gerard’s death. To foil his plan, Gerard and Faith must hold firm to the power of love…and defy Fate itself.

I’m thrilled to say that book two is in the works even as we speak! It’s quite tricky, combining the worlds, but I do try to make the history as authentic as always, and the details are still there.
If you click on this link, you can get full details and a buy link. The book goes on sale on the 13th May.

and here’s the link to the page on my websiteL:

The second book?
A Nightstar book. How could I resist writing about hot rock stars? So here’s Riku’s story!
Riku is an American-Japanese hunk who gave up a classical career to join Murder City Ravens. He can’t believe that the woman he loved years ago gave up too, but in order to run tourist jewelry shops in New York. Cyn had a fabulous soprano voice, one of the best he’d ever heard, so why didn’t she carry on with her career?
Reconnecting with an old flame has never been such fun!

Since the excerpts could be overwhelming to some inboxes, I’ll do them in separate posts.

Then there’s the RT Booklovers’ Convention.
Where do I start? I’m planning to do some updates from the convention, but I’m starting my adventure with a week in New Orleans with my good friend Cait Miller. We’re going to do all the things tourists should – go on outings, shop, eat at the famous places, try to experience the whole of this wonderful, unique city.
Then it’s the convention itself at the Marriott on Canal Street. I’ll be there from the Sunday before the convention.
I’ll just tell you where I’ll be and what I’m doing, and then you’ll know where to catch me!
I’m starting with the International Reception in the Penthouse between 2 and 4 pm. This is for people coming from overseas to RT. I remember how overwhelming it can be to arrive and plunge into the maelstrom!
I’ve been lucky enough to score an invitation to the Aussie dinner on the Tuesday night.
After that, I’m running the newcomers, aka the virgin’s class first thing on the Wednesday, the first day of the convention proper. That’s at 8.45.
Also that day, I’m on a panel, the popular History Fan Fictionary panel. We give you obscure historical slang words, and you guess what they are! There are prizes!
That evening is the Mardi Gras party. I’m walking down with Renee Rocco, and I’m on a stationary float, the Ellora’s Cave one.
At 2.45 on the Thursday, I’m captaining a panel for the Vanilla Erotic romance. Everything that isn’t BDSM but is still hot! Come and see what we’ve come up with. More prizes!
On the Thursday evening, I’m reading tarot cards with Kensington on the pub crawl. First come, first served! I’m not doing complex readings, but I’ll answer specific questions, or rather, give some advice!
And I’m signing at the Big Book Fair on the Saturday.
If you’re there, don’t forget to say hello!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Born To Be Wild

Released today!
For six years Riku has wanted only one woman. Every person he has had on tour with the Murder City Ravens has been unable to compare to the electric lovemaking he had with Cyn. They had everything together, love, passion, fire, sex—until the day she left him and everything between them behind. Riku wants answers as to why she left, but he wants her more.
Cyn abandoned her future as an opera singer—and her relationship with Riku—when she dropped out of the Institute. A day hasn’t gone by that she doesn’t crave Riku’s body against hers. Now he’s back in her life, if only for a few weeks, and she plans to make the most of the time they have. Dressing rooms, the manager’s office, no location is off limits for their whirlwind romance. Cyn knows she can’t keep him, but that doesn’t stop her from falling for him, mind, body and soul, all over again.

Note: although this book is classed as erotic romance, this is not an erotic excerpt. It's been edited slightly. 

Riku strolled along Forty-Second Street and turned left onto Fifth, trying to get into the vibe. He’d missed New York but now here, he felt strangely flat.
Aimless walking didn’t suit him, was all. He’d get a coffee and do some crowd watching, maybe make notes for a song. Ideas eluded him today and he’d wanted to take something new to the band when they met for a planning meeting after the upcoming gigs. So what if he’d come down here on the off-chance he’d meet an old friend. He’d gone to the address he had and couldn’t find her, then had second thoughts. Maybe the rest of the band pairing up had given him the blues.
Shit, they were so busy making love he didn’t know if they’d have time to write music. He kicked a loose stone across the sidewalk. He didn’t envy them. He wasn’t the type to stick to one woman. Women were light relief, people to talk to, have fun with.
A heavy weight struck his midriff hard. As he lost his breath in an oof of instinctive response, he heard tinkling staccato sounds around him as if glass had shattered.
He shook his head, trying to get some sense back into it and saw the girl. Then he lost what remained of his thought process. There Cyn was. The woman he’d been looking for.
Cyn glared at him without surprise, as if she’d last seen him yesterday. “Don’t stand there like an idiot. Pick them up!”
He glanced down. The shattering noises were polished stones, most of them round. Fuck, rolling all over the fucking place. Obediently he dropped to the ground and winced as a stone hit the tender part of his knee. He yelped.
“Bloody wimp.”
Despite the pain he grinned at the English slang. He’d been touring England with Murder City Ravens recently and he heard accents similar to hers every day, except she’d gained a touch of New York burr in her years here. Nobody sounded like Cyn. Never would.
He shifted and picked up the stone, taking more care where he put his knee this time. She thrust a small wicker basket under his chin and he deposited the smooth object. He found five others, different colors. Keeping the final one, he got to his feet and lifted the round object to examine it against the light. “Nice.” The deep, intense blue appealed to him. “Zazz did his hair that color last year. Maybe I will.”
She snorted. “Good luck with that. The stone’s lapis lazuli. They used it to create the most expensive dye ever made. Painters drooled over it.”
He dropped the gem in with the others. Amethyst, tiger’s-eye, rose quartz, some he couldn’t identify. Beads, holes drilled through. “Sorry I broke your necklace.”
Then he met her eyes. “Sorry.” He wasn’t sure what he was apologizing for anymore. God, he’d missed her. He hadn’t realized how much until he saw her. He grinned. “Hi.”
She glanced up, smiled back. “Uh-oh.”
She was staring at a spot above his eyes. Too late Riku grabbed at his knit cap. It had ridden back and exposed what he wanted to keep hidden. “Damn.” He tugged the hat over his hair, which he’d hastily bundled underneath before he’d left his apartment.
“Are you Riku Shiraishi?” another female voice inquired.
He pasted on a fixed smile and turned, only remembering to grab Cyn’s elbow as he did so. No way was she getting away. “Yes, I am.”
“Wow.” The girl gazed up at him, stars in her eyes. “Will you sign something for me?”
“As long as it’s not your arm.” He’d learned not to do that recently. People had his signature on their flesh tattooed in place. Embroidering it on scarves and T-shirts was bad enough.
She produced a napkin from a burger chain. “This do?”
“Sure.” He grabbed a pen from the inside pocket of his jacket and signed the napkin.
“I love your guitar solo on Taking Black. You should totally do more rock.”
He was used to fans telling him what to do. “Sure. Thanks, I’ll bear it in mind.”
She took her paper and the pen and when he turned, signaling his attention to walk on, she got the message and left.
He’d had to release Cyn while he signed but he heard her voice. “She took your pen.”
“I’m used to it.” He couldn’t suppress his smile when he saw her. There she stood with gorgeous long, blonde hair, sharp blue eyes, a beauty with the curves to prove it. “I don’t carry the jewel-encrusted ones around with me.”
She sniggered. “Come on. I’ll make you coffee.”
He fell into step next to her. She carried the basket as if it was gold dust but she had other strings of marble-sized stones draped over her arm.
She paused before a door and nodded to him. He acceded to her unspoken request and opened it for her. Raising a brow, no doubt at his lack of manners at not doing it before, she walked past him and in. He followed her inside.
Strings of polished semiprecious gems hung from hooks on the walls, and a long table ran down the store in the middle, holding trays of charms. While Cyn walked to the counter at the end, he lingered, drifting his hands over the charms, their cool metallic shapes shadowing his skin. He’d buy some of those, add them to his collection. Maybe his costume designer could use them or he’d tack a few to his street clothes. He tried hard to dress down but his natural instincts invariably broke through and he added something a tiny bit different. Maybe he should give up and go full-on. The disguise didn’t work and in January sunglasses looked stupid and pretentious, unless the sun was actually shining, so he hadn’t bothered.
She nodded to the girl behind the counter, whose eyes widened when she caught sight of him. Even if he wasn’t dressed up and ready to go people sometimes stared at him that way. Apart from being a trifle tall, he had no idea why but he wasn’t shy of taking advantage of it. Not too unusual, except his parents often wondered how they’d managed to produce a changeling like him. Not easy to be the child of a conventional Japanese American family wanting to kick over the traces and do something different.
They walked past into the small office at the back. He closed the door. The sheet of her hair rippled slightly as she registered the gentle click, but she said nothing, only put down her basket of stones, laid the strings on the desk and picked up the pot for the coffee machine sited in the corner. Riku stared around, interested. A large work desk occupied most of the cramped space, with grooves cut in the surface. Boards hung above it, and a chest of many drawers stood to one side. All accoutrements of the jewelry trade, he presumed.
The whole place intrigued him but she intrigued him more. As she turned he waved to indicate the room and the store beyond. “It’d be stupid to ask what you’ve been doing recently.” He smiled, trying for sultry and failing badly. He caught his expression in the small mirror placed opposite the big desk and suppressed a grimace. Creepy was a better description.
He lost the smile, forgot the posing. Too used to it recently. She smiled back anyway. “I should say that to you. You’ve invaded the media now you’re back home. Didn’t you do something on TV this morning?”
“Yeah.” He wasn’t too happy about appearing on the morning show he spent half his childhood watching. “It feels kinda strange.”
“Strange how?”
He’d missed chatting with a friend, no biggie, being honest. These days there weren’t many people he could do that with. “My parents never allowed me to watch it when I was a kid, you know, when it had that other presenter. Trashy, they said. I used to watch it on my phone in my room, or online. The forbidden is always sweeter. Now I wonder if they’ll switch me off.” He smiled and this time he sensed the honesty of the expression. Nothing in his face felt taut or strained. “Probably. The difference is I don’t give a damn anymore.”
Cyn knew his parents’ close-mindedness, even though she’d only met his mother once and his father not at all. He didn’t have to hide anything from her and he felt that as a relief. “I bet they watched. What parent wouldn’t?” She leaned against the counter, studying him. “Purple hair? Really?”
“Don’t you like the gold?” After removing his hat he turned his head for her to admire. “If my cap hadn’t slipped nobody would’ve recognized me.”
She took her time examining him and he relaxed, knowing she wasn’t sizing him up like a piece of meat but reacquainting herself with his presence. “Nearly. But you can’t resist an extra bit of pizazz.” She nodded at his zebra-stripe T-shirt. “Grungy you ain’t.” The machine behind her hissed and bubbled, sounding like mechanical giggles.
He released a bark of laughter as she turned away to pour the coffee. “Yeah, you know me.”
“Do I?” she reached for the minifridge and found some milk. She waggled the carton.
“Yes, please. Black makes me antsy.”
“It always did. Nice to know you’ve noticed at last.” She poured a dollop into each mug and put the container back before she turned around, mugs in hand. Were her hands trembling? He hoped not. All he felt was delight that he’d run into her again. Not entirely by accident, he had to admit. “You decided not to go home when you left the institute.”
She didn’t look at him when she passed him the coffee. Not until she’d retreated to her side of the room. “This is home now. Got my green card and everything.”
“You’re taking citizenship?”
A smile flickered over her lips, a nervous tic more than anything else. “I like it here. My parents don’t mind, as long as I go back for an annual visit.”
“You slay me with your enthusiasm.”
That won a smile. Then a laugh. “Yeah, sorry. I just felt bad when someone collided with me and ruined my beads. I’ll get over it.” She buried her face in her mug, took a sip and then held it so the steam obscured her features.
“You’re pleased I’m here?”
“Yes.” She sounded flat but he understood her better because he was feeling it too. Delight at her presence but wariness because of the way they’d split.
“I’m pleased to see you.”
“I’m glad to see you too.” She paused, tilted her head to one side and studied his appearance. “How do you get that pattern on your hair that, well, gold?”
He laughed. “With gold. We’re wrapping up the tour, so I decided to do something special. My hairdresser suggested gold dust. Purple hair with a golden bald eagle has a certain something.”
She raised a brow. “Can’t argue with that. Will it wash out?”
“Yes. Can’t wash it until after the last performance or I’ll have to have it reapplied. The purple’s okay though.” Not to mention the expense. His extravagant clothes and personal style came from a need deep inside him that he didn’t understand himself, born of a childhood where conforming was approved of to the point of cruelty. But he was no shrink, he only knew it made him happy.
“Oh goodie.” She studied him, her face serious. “Did you come here to find me?”

Imprint: Romantica®
Line: Twilight
Series: Nightstar
Series Number: 6
You can buy the book here and it will be up at Amazon, ibooks, Barnes and Noble, and other good outlets very soon.

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My writing process blog hop

I've been tagged by the awesome Meredith Daniels, who writes m/m books to die for! I have to answer four questions, and then tag four more authors. So here goes!

*1) What are you working on?
The second in the series Even the Gods Make Love. This one is tentatively called Mad For Love and it's the story of Lord Stretton, otherwise known as Blaize or Bacchus. Blaize has several problems, not the least of which being if he stops drinking wine, he goes mad. Being the god of wine and madness, he has to cope with a woman who wants to drive him mad and take him out of the game. But Blaize has to defy her to win the woman he loves. 

*2) How does your work differ from others in the genre? 

Well for a start there are no vampires or shape-shifters in it! But I prefer not to compare what I do with other authors. Sondheim put it best in his song Move On from Sunday in the Park With George. 
"Anything you do
Let it come from you
Then it will be new
Give us more to see..."

I think that's a lovely description of the creative process.

 *3) Why do you write what you write?
I've always been interested in history, especially the eighteenth century. I suppose you could say that I fell in love with it early. I've been reading and researching the era pretty much all my life. But I have other interests too, and one of them is mythology. All my shape-shifters are mythical beasts, dragons and the like. 
But at the heart is people and their dilemmas. I'm fascinated in finding out why people what they do. Their reaction to a situation is often the difference between hero and villain. One will jump one way, one the other, but it's not always clear from the start which is which. 

*4) How does your writing process work?

I start with an idea. It might be a character or a scene. Then I work up a story, and make sure the characters have plenty to worry about. After that I start writing. I write from beginning to end, I don't write out of sequence, so I take the characters' journeys with them. 

Now you should look at Meredith's blog so you can see her answers!